The Book of Mormon Sleuth 3: The Hidden Path

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When I got to the door I took hold of the wheel and pulled on it. But instead of coming open, the door wouldn’t budge.

“Try the other way!” said Shauna, sounding a little frantic.

I spun the wheel until it came to a stop, then pulled as hard as I could, but it was no use.

Jeff raised his hands in disbelief and said, “Somebody must have locked it from the outside!”

   It’s been a full year since Brandon and his brother Jeff and their sisters Shauna and Meg survived their harrowing adventure in Siberia. Now they are back in Alaska with their parents, ready to enjoy the free cruise the family missed out on the previous summer.

   But the fun is interrupted when the four siblings find themselves accidentally trapped on a luxury yacht, operated by some shady characters and headed for who knows where. Things really get scary when they run into an old enemy who has already revealed himself to be as ruthless as he is determined.

   Luckily, Brandon has already discovered how to use the scriptures to survive the adventures that keep coming at him.

Book Review

Reviewed by Holly Newton
Published by Meridian Magazine

The Book of Mormon Sleuth Series (Books 1-3)

Now for a great mystery series full of adventure. “The Book of Mormon Sleuth,” book 1, “The Lost Tribe,” book 2, and “The Hidden Path,” book 3, are all part of “The Book of Mormon Sleuth” series. C.B. Andersen has masterly written three books which will intrigue and excite kids 11 and older from beginning to end! But even more than the storyline, his protagonist, Brandon, discovers how to use the scriptures from The Book of Mormon to help him solve and protect his family from the enemies afoot.

All three stories are gripping and humorous. (The dialogue between the family members is so funny and readers will be able to relate to it).

Mr. Andersen has skillfully woven scripture references throughout to help Brandon overcome many obstacles. This will surely impress and inspire readers to venture looking up their own scriptures. I only hope there are many more books to come in this series.

Reviewed: 28 November 2003      Copyright © 2003 Meridian Magazine